Leon Maughan

  • Why you really want an Agile prime minister

    In the 90s computers were tools who’s main purpose was to create and print Word files that we could use in the real world. Now no one needs a printer because computers are the real world. I noticed in April with Hao; you don’t really have to leave your bedroom now to find, secure and […]

  • A thought on ventilation notifications

    Sometimes during this pandemic I had the feeling that we were missing the point with clumsy measures and regulations. It’s like we were all told to use a plastic spoon to carve a turkey. Money and time was poured into different colours, styles and sizes of plastic spoon but people didn’t feel qualified or informed […]

  • Why Netherlands is a bit boring when it comes to retail

    When I spent 3 months in Netherlands in 2013, I was filled with fresh enthusiasm – I saw Netherlands offered what the UK could not. A flat rolling landscape of safe wealthy suburbia, connected by a network of empty bike lanes. A blank canvas where you can be anything you want and no one will […]

  • Trying something

    This site is for me to start writing things for my own amusement and thoughts. I imagine like: Articles for points I want to make Reviews of film, tv or music Poems

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