Dr Strange and the Multiverse of your ordinary life

The moment I gave up on the new Dr Strange movie was when they labelled the different universes as ‘Earth-838’ or ‘Earth-616’ – implying strongly that there’s around 1k versions of Earth in the multiverse. I love sci-fi when its in the neighbourhood of feeling plausible (this is why I loved LOST) and I immediately have an urge to run away when it clearly doesn’t care.

The multiverse theory as I understand it at a pathetically low resolution – is a mathematical thought experiment where every possible variation of every choice spawns a new universe, in a true multiverse you’d expect more like ‘Earth-9.54×109999‘ or uncountably high numbers.

In weather forecasting we model the atmosphere under the assumption that its deterministic, meaning the future has only 1 shape, its hypothetically knowable, and we lack sufficient data on it to see whats coming. We take the little parts we do know, guess the rest and the world’s greatest supercomputer give us an okay weather forecast for the next 48-72 hours.

I honestly think now that determinism is a fallacy relying on a poor hypothetical and wonky over-applied rationality. One question springs to mind:

  1. If the future is characteristically as linear as the past, whats the difference between happened and hasn’t happened yet? Or – why is there a now?

A much better multiverse is shown to us in the movie ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ which puts a much bigger emphasis on potential. With free will being your rudder which sails you into your chosen universe.

The universe is the past, the multiverse is all the futures you could create for yourself. Every choice moves you forward. The best is heaven, the worst is hell. Choose wisely!






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