Chicken conspiracy

Faucet, Crow, Poultry, Cockscomb, Chicken, Gockel, Beak

The chickens came before us – 10 million BC
The chickens could fly then, across the sea

The world had felt wrong til the plot did thicken
The truth is we’re just serving the needs of big chicken

We think that they’re innocent, flightless and weak
They have us where they want us, right in their beak

Today 26 billion on the farms, in the wild
That is 3.7 for each adult and child

That’s basic maths and you cannot deny it
They print all these lies and like sheep you just buy it

The truth is so plain and its bloody horrific
Yet you’d rather get hung up on little specifics

Stop hatching their eggs and stop feeding these creeps
Fuck your sneering arrogance makes me want to weep

Watch these 7 videos, then we can discuss
But you probably won’t bother, you’re not like us

If you were like me you might have your own views
Instead of being spoon-fed ideas from the news

Cos its you that are brainwashed and you’ve always been
And one day you’ll see what I’ve always seen

Your smugness is clear, and that’s all I need
The facts were all written but you chose not to read

When the chickens rise up I’ll have a reason to smile
To see you proved wrong; might make it worthwhile






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