How I lost 30 kg

Judging from my photo library I think it was probably Tuesday 7th June 2016 and I weighed about 120 kg. It was about 6pm and I’d just come back from ALDI to buy dinner. I looked at the carrier bag of food I’d laid out on my desk, some microwave Haggis and Potato meal, some…… Continue reading How I lost 30 kg

Toxic Englishness

When I saw this 10 second clip of Michael Gove clearly high on something strong, standing in the Commons ‘at work’, something made me angry, something clicked. It’s not that ‘they despise us’ or ‘they’re laughing at us’, although given their classist conditioning both these things will be true. It’s that the Tory front bench…… Continue reading Toxic Englishness

Chicken conspiracy

The chickens came before us – 10 million BCThe chickens could fly then, across the sea The world had felt wrong til the plot did thickenThe truth is we’re just serving the needs of big chicken We think that they’re innocent, flightless and weakThey have us where they want us, right in their beak Today…… Continue reading Chicken conspiracy

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Spend your attention

Spend your attention, it doesn’t cost muchOn TikTok, Facebook and Disney Plus Spend your attention, you’ve got lots to spareSo spend it now, you don’t need to care This morning in the mirror, did you notice your eyes?Just open your apps and get a surprise Enjoy my content, it’s totally freeYour auntie and brother are…… Continue reading Spend your attention

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Why we’re out of the woods

If there’s one thing I learnt last year it’s that people aren’t rational. In February 2020 Covid seemed like all bad things that happen on the news; another countries tragedy. This allowed the media to do what it does best and magnify and simplify it into a morbid non-fiction story for us to emotionally respond…… Continue reading Why we’re out of the woods

Trying something

This site is for me to start writing things for my own amusement and thoughts. I imagine like: Articles for points I want to makeReviews of film, tv or musicPoems